Technology service

    The Betapharma organization represents a diverse talented team of dedicated professionals that have extensive backgrounds in medicinal chemistry, process chemistry and academia.

    We are well positioned to ramp up quickly for projects and a capable CRO / CMO provider that can support your company with a broad portfolio of laboratory and research manufacturing services ranging from discovery chemistry to high quality manufacturing of API’s for R & D use.

    We specialize in a full spectrum of pharmaceutical research services such as:

  • Custom synthesis of various scaffolds building blocks
  • Reference compounds and custom reagent development
  • Contract research and manufacture services
  • Chemical API services
  • Asian business consulting and partnering
            We routinely carry out multi-step sequences to prepare gram to kilogram quantities. Typical procedures include:                  
  • Catalytic Hydrogenation
  • Ozonolysis
  • Protective-Deprotection
  • Debenzylation
  • Suzuki Couplings
  • Low-temperature Reactions
  • Hydride Reductions
  • Oxidations

    Our customers range from small biotech firms to leading pharmaceutical corporations. We can work with your process, or develop a new process to simplify and improve difficult and expensive synthetic routes. FTE service is also available.
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