About Betapharma Shanghai

BETAPHARMA(SHANGHAI)CO.,LTD. is a key laboratory product distributor based in China. We provide over ten thousand general research chemicals and one thousand biotech products from gram scale up to commercial scale. We also provide custom synthesis/manufacture for non-stock items upon request.

We meet the global demands of our customers by combining innovative research and development thru our laboratory in the United States with a highly efficient manufacturing and logistics center in China. This enables Betapharma to offer a large range of raw materials at competitive pricing.

Betapharma laboratory in China is also capable of providing cost effective project support from early stage research to scale-up for commercial manufacturing.

We offer quality products, quick delivery and competitive pricing backed by a superior customer service.

We invite you to browse our available products within our searchable database or contact us with your special requests by sending your inquiry via e-mail to sales@betapharma.cn or order your Betapharma catalog by Catalog Request Form

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